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Praxis Therapy provides a safe and caring environment for anyone earnestly seeking help.
A safe space for clients for holistic healing and to resolve issues in a gentle, safe and efficient way that promotes personal empowerment.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an amazingly effective tool and is often directly responsible for major changes in a

Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is also known as past-life regression therapy and/or ‘transpersonal regression


A professional Counselling service is offered by an experienced and registered counselor who can tru

Between Lives Spiritual Regression

For those clients who have previously experienced a Past Life Regression and are now looking for a m

Far infra-red Crystal Bio-mat session

Relax your muscles and de-stress by lying on the heated crystal mat and enjoy the soothing and heali

Art Workshops

A wonderful way to express yourself and explore your artistic side; our art workshops are held in a

Reconnective healing®

Reconnective Healing® is a powerful healing that allows healing on many levels; including physical,

The Reconnection™

It is a life-changing and powerful 2-part process of an exchange of light, energy, frequency and inf

Welcome to Praxis

A professional and certified, whole-hearted therapist from Praxis Therapy can provide you with professional guidance and support. For emotional clearing and improving relationships, or for healing difficult parts of the past, Regression Therapy and Past life Regression Therapy can be truly transformational and can bring you insights that you’ve been longing for. You will get to explore, identify and let go of old patterns that may be impacting your relationships, your confidence, any addictions, health concepts and concerns and self-este

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Clients names and actual dates have been changed for confidentiality reasons.


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