Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is also known as past-life regression therapy and/or ‘transpersonal regression therapy’. It is the practice of recalling and reliving unprocessed memories of previous experiences, from the current life; from the womb; and even further back thus allowing reactions to be processed in a manner that enables healing.

It is an efficient and effective technique for accessing the subconscious mind which contains complete knowledge of your personal history throughout time.

Regression therapy aims to resolve long standing, sometimes complex issues that can affect an individual’s ability to fully enjoy and appreciate their life. It works with the somatic, psychological, and spiritual residues from the past that are at the root of present problems.

Using hypnosis as a tool to enable a client to relive and resolve traumatic scenes or conflicts from the past that have been unconsciously distorting their mental, emotional and physical well-being. Problem issues, beliefs and emotions that have been negatively affecting your well-being are resolved.

When we unlock and release these emotions from cell memories, we permanently transform any issue that is causing unwanted feelings, emotions, pains or disease and gain a fresh understanding of our lives; it brings insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences. We allow ourselves to be truly joyful in the present with understanding, forgiveness and gratefulness.

There is also great benefit for exploring your past lives as you will have more of an understanding of subconscious patterns, feelings and memories. You can use that accumulated wisdom to grow more fully and dynamically today. Empowering yourself to move confidently into the future with more clarity, well-being, balance and joy.

A safe space is provided for a person to resolve their issues – to examine and release deep emotional problems or any distressing experiences, and transform them in a way that is both safe and structured.


  • $350 (3-4 hours)