Objective - To reduce the fear of Abandonment

Jonathan is married with no children. Having some relationship issues – feeling stressed, distant and abandoned at times. He said he started feeling very stressed and abandoned in his relationship when his wife was diagnosed with cancer and he just couldn’t cope and withdrew. Pushing her away the abandonment issue keeps coming up.

He said he also felt let down and abandoned recently when his employer put him off – and he suddenly became unemployed. His friends at work abandoned him during this time also which made him feel discarded, rejected, disappointed and upset.

This he said made him less tolerant with people around him (including his wife), withdrawn and stressed about feeling undervalued, abandoned and not respected.

Client went into a past life – through hypnosis – and emotional bridge.

Client is a man wearing a brown poncho and pants – (American Indian).
He is arguing with his brother and some other members of his tribe about something that had happened while he was away. There had been a fire and his family were burnt to death sleeping in their home/(tepee). He loses almost all his family in the fire. He is devastated and angry and argues with them all about it and is then pushed away from the clan and exiled.
Client is gathering food for his meal by fishing in a nearby lake near some mountains. It’s raining so he pulls up his canoe and goes to his nearby shelter – a small hut /tepee with animal skin on the ground inside. It starts to rain heavily and storm and he is looking up at the mountains. He’s all alone. He sobs uncontrollably as he is grieving about his family.
Client is outside near the lake and he hears some people from his tribe come. They all surround him.

There is confrontation, fighting and an argument breaks out with one of them – his brother – who eventually injures him by throwing a spear through his right shoulder. He is left on the ground all alone and bleeds to death.

Body Therapy

Soul energy release.
Body therapy for shoulder to release and clear the blockage.
Shoulder healed and sealed with beautiful white light energy.

Past Life Transformation

Confronting brother and others from clan.
Meeting wife and children again.
Love and hugs with wife and children.

Forgiveness, understanding and love/light transferred between all of them.
Met with Spirit guides and was given insight and life lesson to “just let go”.

Reframed events


Positive feelings from PL from a time when he was with his wife and children – happy and joyful, feeling peace, love and acceptance.

Current Life Transformation

Forgiveness with wife and work friends and an exchange of love and light.
With the help of spirit guide a deeper understanding was met.

Reframed events

How is life now?

6 months – Client is working in a job he really enjoys working with people he likes and that like him. Earning good money. Communicating well with them.
Communicating well with his wife. Feeling happy and joyful with her. Doing nice things together.Exercising and keeping fit and well.
12 months – Client is still working at job he enjoys. Earning really good money.
Feeling fit and well and his wife too. Happy and content with relationship with his wife. Good social network of friends. Feeling connected and at peace. Happy with life and stress free!