Objective - To reduce anxiety, stop procrastinating and to move forward in life.

Marian is having marital problems – husband is putting pressure on her with an expectation to rescue. Client has a worry that her relationship will dissolve out of a lack of respect because she is not moving forward and her work is not consistent.
Uncertainty of future – and parent’s recent separation causing mild anxiety.
Abuse as a child – been counselled for it previously over the years. Was diagnosed with postnatal depression, anxiety and panic disorder when eldest daughter was born.
Physical problems – anxiety causing chest pain and heart palpitations. Tightness in breath, angst, and feeling worried and stuck. Cysts on ovaries.

Client went into a past life – through hypnosis.

Client is a 35 y/o man with sandy to light brown medium length hair wearing an oversized light tan coloured suit two sizes too big and scratchy. Carrying a suitcase containing important documents inside and is quite fearful and protective of it. Client notices a musky smell in the air. And is on the outskirts of town. Buildings have timber verandas (like in the western movie scenes). The surrounding area is quite dry with not many trees around and dirt on the ground. Client is alone and quite scared and protective of what he has in his arms like he can’t be seen with it and feels lost. Not quite sure where he is meant to be but has now moved closer to being in the town and is looking at the buildings and wondering which building he is meant to be in. There are people around just going about their business. A lot of shops and shop fronts. Client goes to a bank and is meeting up with another man. A strong, confident man came out to meet him and asked him to come with him into the bank. They are next sitting around a desk. There are some plans and client said it feels like there is some designing going on. Seems like there is a dam and he is part of the process. He has the documents – all the plans and it’s all very secretive at the moment. People don’t know about the project except for those who are in there. Client said he feels more relaxed now being inside the building. There are a couple of men around like investors and the mayor of the town and wife of the mayor who is overlooking and overseeing what’s going on and offering refreshments. Client said that it was possibly the Hoover Dam in America… Early 1900’s – 1928?

Client is walking around outside and there are tents for the workers… a little village where all the workers are living. Project is just starting and there are many workers. Client said he is just walking around, meeting and listening to everybody and getting the preparation parts done. Next significant event – There has been injuries and deaths that have happened in the tunnel and water has already broken through and they are working on sealing that part before they move on. There are more meetings and the mayor is out there to investigate and see what is happening and trying to calm everyone down. The workers wives are in distress not knowing if their husbands are injured or might be dead. Client is now redrawing some plans. Reconfiguring it to make it safer and redesigning – change a little bit of what he had there previously. More timber props to keep everything upright so it doesn’t fall on them.

There is a lot of excitement and celebrations in the town as they are getting ready to open the dam and release the water. A lot of noise – music and laughter. The project has completed. The mayor is doing all the announcements and official speeches and has client up on a box and introducing him. Client said he was standing there and smiling and talking about what he did. Described him as wearing a navy blue suit with a top hat and a beard (Abraham Lincoln style) and shiny black shoes. There is a lot of applause and they do the release of the water. Client then said his job is now done and described getting into a horse and carriage and going off to his next project that had a sense of mining around it.

Client felt that there is a sense of emptiness around him. Doesn’t feel like he could do anything as great as that again. That he has done it all and conquered what he needed to. Feelings of despair and despondency. He feels like he fluked the whole thing.

Client said he was now 40 y/o and had settled down with a wife and 2 children. Started up his own business – a draughting company.
Business was good. He did not have to do as much anymore.. just running the business and that he has a couple of draughts people working in his office and that they were redesigning a new town structure. His office is a green building with big windows to see outside. Situated in a rural town that’s growing and they were just in the process of creating it – a town that they’re designing around a gold and opal mine. Client said he could see his wife and children. Described his wife as 5ft 8 slender with long brown hair with hints of red pulled up in a bun. Wearing a big red velour dress pulled in at the waist over a hoop. Dressed well and very affluent. Said his wife reminds him of her daughter in her current life. The boy is 5 y/o. He has short, light brown hair and is wearing little short trousers with braces. Didn’t remind of anyone in current life. The daughter reminded of a friend she used to have. She is 6 y/o blonde and wearing a simple frock. One of his draughts men reminds her of a sisters boyfriend in the current life. A secretary comes in the office often to help out and client said she kind of reminds of middle sister in current life but kind of not quite convinced.

In bed resting and very sick. Wife is looking after him. 45/46 y/o. Feels nauseas in stomach and sweating a lot and a bit delirious. Feels like malaria. Children are much older they’re teenagers now. Daughter is quite tall. Not much happening but being in bed sick.

There seems to be a lot of confusion and running around and trying to get everything together. Deadlines with work and seems like there is chaos happening – to do with the town and the mine. All the developments. They are trying to grow out more and build another town. Causing client to have a lot of stress. Said it feels overwhelming!

Sudden heart attack at 63 y/o. Client said he was in the living room area of the house when it happened and he died with the emotion of regret.

Body Therapy

Soul energy release.
Trust, allowance, forgiveness, love and appreciation needed to release soul energy.
Client brought in her spirit guide to work on transforming and transmuting the emotions of despondency and despair and regret into positive, wonderful feelings. And the stressful feelings were transmuted and much more pleasant feelings were brought in. Feeling of job well done and success. Feeling proud, happy and positive.

Past Life Transformation

Spirit guide then helped her to trust and to move on with no regrets. Advice given – that it is okay! – ‘you can trust and allow” – and she was told to love and appreciate herself.
Brought her daughter in from that past life and with the help of the spirit guide she was to project love into her heart and forgive her.
There was forgiveness and an understanding. No power from her anymore. A good feeling. Stuck energy was released.
More advice from spirit guide “Be easy on yourself” and “listen to your heart”.
Client was then ready to go meet her loved ones from her soul groups. Told her to really enjoy the beautiful feelings of unconditional love there.
Feeling good and loved and appreciated. Happy and joyful!


Positive, wonderful feelings from the past were anchored.
Feeling of job well done and success.
Proud, happy and positive feelings.

Current Life Transformation

Client said she could see there were similar patterns of feeling overwhelmed and stressed from that past life to her present life. There were also quite a few characters recognized in her current life.

Inner Child Techniques used

Regressed to the source of the challenge.
Transformed using coloured balloons as a positive resource and anchored.
Understanding and forgiveness was reached.
Cut cords with key family figures.
Met with spirit guide and received information on soul contracts/learning with these souls.
Integrated growing the child to the clients current age.
Reframed painful events in clients CL.

How is life now?

6 months – Client said she was feeling really good and that her energy levels were also good and that she had great news about her cyst – that her doctor has finally located it (nothing showed in previous ultrasounds) and that he is going to operate on it in the next week. She was very joyful about it!
12 months – Things were flowing much better now. Client mentioned she did not have as much stress and anxiety lately and that her relationship with her husband was much better.