Objective - To find the source of the emotion of frustration in PL or CL and resolve it.

Client is married with relationship issues. Feels frustration with husband and with her family.
Father a depressed workaholic died from a stroke recently. Younger sister hasn’t spoken to her in many years. Mother is depressed and demanding.
Physical problems -Tight neck, bad digestion and lack of energy.

Client went into a past life – through hypnosis – and verbal bridge.

Client is an affluent male banker with wife and 10 y/o son having a garden party at their large home. Lots of people are there talking with him about business and him looking after their money. Feeling really good and important as everyone trusts him. There is a man he met at the party who has come to talk business with him as he wants to start a new enterprise – a nightclub/bar business with some partners.
He loans them money and then people start coming to him telling him they are bad and dangerous people – gangsters and want them stopped.
And for him to close down the bar immediately. Client has no control over this and tells the people that he can’t do it. They say they won’t do business with him if he doesn’t.
Client gets frustrated and tells the gangsters to leave town.
They laugh at him and go get their guns and tell him to go away and threaten him. He refuses and they punch him and slap him in his chest against the wall. After being thrown into the street, he later gets up and goes home to his wife. They are both scared now. Wife is upset because she doesn’t have any friends anymore and their son can no longer go to school.
Also, if they leave town they won’t have anything.
Townspeople are angry and demand their money back. They threaten to go to another bank in the next town. They call him weak and say it’s all his fault that he ruined the town.
Client goes home to his wife and she’s angry as well. He feels frustrated as no one listens to him and are not talking to him but telling him what to do.
The gangsters come to his bank to collect the papers. He refuses to give them up and one of them shoots him in his stomach.

Body Therapy

Soul energy release.
Meet the perpetrators to heal to release soul energy.
Client wanted to block gangsters slap and punch using spirit animal lion energy through legs and feet to run away.
Thoat energy to yell at townspeople to listen.
Pulled out bullet and a golden light was used to heal and seal stomach wound.
Cord cutting in Inner Child session – healed and sealed holes.

Past Life Transformation

Met all 3 gangster men with support of spirit guide. Sent love and light into their hearts and then forgiveness and an understanding was met with them.
Wife – projected love and light into her heart. Gave her a hug. Understanding was met between them.
Townspeople – Met them all with support of spirit guide. Forgiveness and understanding was met with client saying if he hadn’t been so frustrated he would have found a kind way to connect with everyone. We all should have listened to each other.
Affirmation given – “Be kind”

Reframed events


Positive, confident and happy feelings were anchored from the garden party earlier in the Past Life.

Current Life Transformation

Client learned some very important soul contracts with
Mother – Having many lives together this one was to be kind and trusting.
Father – To communicate from the heart. Always trust.
Sister – Many lives together also this was to help find peace and self-love.

How is life now?

6 months – Client said she feels cleaner, clearer and that a lot of stress has left her body. She noted a huge shift in energy. Has been exercising more.
12 months – More balanced and feeling really complete. Life feels more calmer and more in the flow. Feeling empowered and connected! Reduced frustration. Relating better in relationships. A lot more energy, stomach feeling much better, better digestion and flatter and feeling more comfortable. Neck pain reduced significantly.