Between Lives Spiritual Regression

For those clients who have previously experienced a Past Life Regression and are now looking for a more profound experience; a Between Lives Spiritual Regression session is an incredible and fascinating experience!

Both an extension and evolution beyond Past Life Regression; it is a journey of self-discovery and insight; it can give you a deeper spiritual awareness and understanding of who you truly are, what your life purpose is and provide answers to questions on your own unique spiritual journey.

A Between Lives Regression session allows access to soul memories in the higher state of consciousness we call the super conscious mind. This session will allow you to enter the ‘in between lives’ realm where decisions are made about upcoming incarnations and the reasons you decided to be born into your body on Earth. It connects you with your soul groups that you incarnate with on a regular basis, your council of Elders that oversee your progress throughout incarnation and the Hall of Records where all your lives are recorded.

If you’ve ever wanted to know answers to why you’re here? You will find this session truly amazing!


  • $450 (4-5 hours)