A confidential and professional Counselling service is offered by an experienced and registered counsellor who can listen, guide and collaboratively work with you.

The purpose of the sessions is to provide an opportunity to explore and enhance personal and relational issues and concerns.

Build on your own knowledge, skills and goals so you can better understand yourself more fully and find your own inner resources to develop coping strategies for challenges that life brings.

You will be able to make constructive changes which lead to a more contented, happier, satisfying and meaningful life.

Counselling can enable you to see a clearer path through your confusion. You won’t be given advice or persuaded to take a particular course of action. There is no judgement and counselling can help you to take some control back over your life.

Counselling can assist you in areas including stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationships; grief and loss, difficulties caused by addiction, trauma or abuse.

Sessions are by appointment only one-on-one in person or by Skype.

$120 (1 hour)