I arrived at Praxis Therapy in Maleny feeling exhausted and “burnt-out” having arrived from Sydney the week prior. After a Reconnective Healing session with Chloe I began to feel restored and more like my usual self and slept very well that night and every night since. Chloe suggested that I try out a session with her amethyst/carnelian crystal cover on the bed. Wow! What an experience – I left feeling profoundly relaxed and eager to try it out again! Which I did this week. The healing was very deep, and I received intuitive information that I really needed to know to move forward in my life right now.
Chloe is a compassionate caring professional who I thoroughly recommend if you need to re-balance and restore both mind, body and spirit!
Best wishes, Chloe – I will see you again soon!

Jane M (Sydney)

A friend of mine suggested me to seek the help of a hypnotherapist as this method fixed some of his problems and I wanted to give it a try. I had seen a few psychologists for depression but they did not help me much really.
I got some information on the Internet, regarding Regression Therapy and decided to make an appointment with Praxis Therapy. I had limited knowledge about hypnotherapy but Chloe explained in an easy to understand way, what she will be doing and how hypnosis works, answering my questions easily.

Chloe is a brilliant therapist and a genuine and caring human being who can empathise well with others. Her manner is confident and I felt comfortable and at ease in her presence. She maintains a high standard and integrity and a feeling of trust and professionalism.

Thank you profusely for helping me to overcome my issue so easily and thank you again for the most interesting sessions! It has helped me greatly!

Marty G (Sunshine Coast)

I had been suffering greatly from osteo-arthritis for many years. I strongly dislike taking medication but the pain is excruciating at times. I had some sessions on the amethyst bio mat at Praxis Therapy and have to say I immediately felt relief after the first session! It really works!
I was able to move freely without the normal pain I experience and I just hope it continues. I will be coming back regularly as I really enjoy the soothing feeling of the infra-red heat.
It’s totally relaxing! It’s really helped reduce the pain and inflammation I was feeling.
By the fourth session, I was walking much easier than I normally do, especially up stairs.
I have no hesitance in recommending this to anyone with arthritic problems.

Robin L (Sunshine Coast)

I had some Regression therapy sessions as I wanted to resolve my concerning issues with anxiety and anger. I found the sessions very interesting and transforming. I connected with my inner truth through the process and it was a sacred healing because I could understand the situation behind the reason why I had such anger and the reasons for my anxiety to having an understanding of the parallels to my current life to the past lives where I had very similar issues that kept re-occurring.
The releasing of the stuck and deeply buried memories that were locked within me has been incredible. Many things have changed for me and I have not had extreme anger outbursts like I used to have. I am not as anxious either and this has been truly wonderful!

Mary L (Brisbane)

What a beautifully relaxing Reiki session I had with Chloe at Praxis Therapy.
The session with Chloe was subtle yet powerfully healing.
I highly recommend Chloe as not only a professional and highly skilled practitioner, but also as a warm, caring and compassionate woman who always has her clients’ best interests at heart. It’s not every day that you meet a genuinely compassionate practitioner.
Chloe’s compassion flowed through my session where I felt very relaxed, safe and nurtured and by the end of the session I felt so much lighter.

Kathleen E (Sunshine Coast)

I had my second Reconnective Healing session with the lovely Chloe of Praxis Therapy yesterday. As I entered the room I became at ease and could leave any worries behind. I felt a deep sense of relaxation and could feel the energy enter my head and flow all the way to my feet. Today I have been feeling lighter in myself, with a spring in my step. I know from my previous session a year ago that the healing energy subtly adjusts and shifts the energy back to balance. I have had more insight today as well. I look forward to the next week of shifts and rebalance. Thank you beautiful Heart x

Fiona M (Sunshine Coast)

Have you been to Praxis Therapy at Maleny? If not you’re missing out on one of the best healing experiences you’ll ever have. Recently I injured my head, and was experiencing pain and amnesia. I had an appointment and it was the best decision I could have made. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating. The first thing I remember afterwards was that I felt like the time had passed so quickly! The pain in my had was COMPLETELY gone!
Head on down to the magical Hinterland for this miraculous gem.
You won’t regret it! 

Talitha R (Sunshine Coast)

I had a Reconnective Healing Session with Chloe at her clinic room at Obi Holistic Centre at Maleny.
Chloe is a kind, openhearted person and has created a wonderful and relaxed environment at the centre.
After the healing I felt very calm, centred and grounded.
Thanks heaps Chloe.

Peter J (Sunshine Coast)

I had a hypnotherapy session with Chloe from Praxis Therapy at Maleny which is a beautiful nurturing environment to have a session. I have found that Chloe is very intuitive about establishing and guiding her sessions and as a result I felt that I reached a deeper state than I have previously with other practitioners.
It felt like the 1hr session only went for 5 minutes and I felt very clear about my outcomes afterwards.
Thanks Chloe, it was brilliant!

Donna L (Sunshine Coast)

I have been dealing with some deep childhood issues and as a result have had many panic/anxiety attacks lately. I’ve been feeling like a scared little girl. 
Not after seeing Chloe from Praxis Therapy today! I feel “all grown up now” lol but no, seriously I do. I feel balanced and like the amazing 50 year woman I should feel like after a Reconnective Healing.
Thank you so much Chloe from the depth of my soul I so needed that! xxxx

Natalie A (Sunshine Coast)

Recently I had my first experience on the amethyst Bio-mat along with a Reconnective healing. I couldn’t believe how great I felt! For about 10 days after I felt so incredibly calm and relaxed!! Nothing was a bother. An amazing experience and I will be back!
Thanks heaps to the gorgeous Chloe from Praxis Therapy.

Annie H (Sunshine Coast)

Wow, I have had the Honor to experience the most amazing support and healing from Chloe… when we need it most Chloe has such gifted tools to assist us, to then help ourselves, so at least 1000 Thank You’s…. How wonderful the life change is now and thank God for allowing me to experience Praxis Therapy OO Hugs!!

Shayne H (Sunshine Coast)

I came to see Chloe at Praxis Therapy because I have experienced a problem with my weight all my life. When I first came to see her, I was 3 pounds overweight and feeling quite awful and self-esteem was very low. But I booked a series of 4 sessions of hypnosis which I found to be actually relaxing and enjoyable! I felt positive and motivated after each session. My mindset around food has remarkably changed and I feel so much better as I have started a really good exercise program and have since lost all my excess weight too and feel fitter, healthier and better than I have since being a teenager!!
Thanks Chloe.

Brad L (Brisbane)

I had the most interesting and amazing Past life regression session as well as a Between Lives Regression session at Praxis Therapy recently to resolve some issues that have been affecting my life and to explore my most recent past life with an inner journey into the spirit realms to find my personal life purpose, my spiritual connection with others and get some needed answers to my most personal questions. Meeting my guides and the wise Elders was incredible and the most unconditionally loving experience I have ever felt.

After each past life regression session (I had 2), I felt myself relaxing and softening as each layer somehow dissolved. I found myself feeling differently about my work and my relationship with my husband too as there seemed to be more of an understanding of him as a soulmate and our purpose together. And after the between lives session this change in my relationship has stayed with me and is deepening.

I am really happy with the sessions and I like this work. It’s great for the soul! Finding out my emotional patterns and my relationship with others and my purpose for this life has been life changing for me! It has truly been amazing!

Thank you, I am deeply grateful for the guidance and this process!

Alice D (Brisbane)

I recently had the opportunity to experience a Life Between Lives session with Chloe.  It was a lengthy session that gave me the opportunity to ask all the big questions and find clarity about my life purpose. Chloe was extremely skilled at guiding me through all the different processes and levels. She created a very nurturing environment that supported this beautiful peaceful and enlightening process. 
This is a great opportunity to have a deeply spiritual experience.

Donna B (Sunshine Coast)

The past life regression work I have done with Chloe from Praxis Therapy has been invaluable. Resolving past life experiences has helped me move forward, and I now feel more present and can take on life with more ease.

Thanks heaps Chloe, I am very grateful!!

Peter L (Sunshine Coast)

Since having Entity clearing my anger has become less.  The Past life Regression session I found very insightful! And the Inner Child session I felt this was very freeing, as I was able to look back on some sensitive and emotional topics from past.  Having more understanding, forgiveness and letting go.

This session particularly allowed me to see a lot of this from a higher level of consciousness. Thank you very much Chloe for your therapies, your professionalism, understanding and a safe space of no judgement.

Edwin M (Brisbane)

After suffering from lower back pain for an extended period, I was extremely happy to experience relief after having a ‘Reconnective healing’ treatment by Chloe. I have been pain-free now for over 18 months and can really honestly recommend her services.

I am 80 years old now and my back IS good now!

AJR (Sunshine Coast)

I had Reconnective healing sessions with ‘The Reconnection’ – I found them very invaluable and the most relaxed I have been in a long while.

Just wonderful! Thank you!!

Larry B (Sunshine Coast)

I had ‘The Reconnection’ sessions with Chloe that were very relaxing and opened me up to receiving more of my inner wisdom. I felt on purpose and calm after my sessions.

Chloe is very professional in her field and I would recommend anyone looking to become clearer, calmer and on purpose to book in for the reconnection sessions with Chloe.

Fiona M (Sunshine Coast)

Doing Past Life regression with Chloe from Praxis Therapy has been a powerful experience that has allowed me to release the burden of some re-occurring themes in my life and become more present and empowered in the NOW.  With this comes a new level of Joy and peace in everyday life!

Chloe is extremely skilled and professional and I am very grateful for the experience!

Donna L (Sunshine Coast)