Welcome to Praxis

A professional, caring and empathetic counsellor is available to listen and help give you guidance and support and to work with you by offering a range of techniques and coping strategies for challenges that life brings. To assist you in areas including stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationships; grief and loss, difficulties caused by addiction, trauma or abuse.

A professional and certified therapist can provide you with help for emotional clearing and improving relationships, or for healing difficult parts of the past. Regression Therapy  can be truly transformation and can bring you insights that you’ve been longing for.

Have you ever wanted to know about your soul’s journey and why you’re here? You will find a Between Lives Regression session an incredible and fascinating experience. It can give you a deeper spiritual awareness of who you truly are and answer to any questions you may have on your own spiritual journey.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is an amazingly effective tool and is often directly responsible for major changes in an individual’s life pattern. It is designed to ‘unlock’ problems, beliefs and emotions that have been negatively affecting a client’s wellbeing.

Reconnective healing® to connect a client with higher vibrational frequencies and a personal healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Reconnection™ is also offered for those clients wanting to receive a life-changing, personal and powerful process that is done over 2 consecutive days to allow for the exchange of light and information and to re-connect you to your original 12 strand DNA.

Far infra-ray Crystal Bed sessions has many benefits and we have an Amethyst master healer and a rejuvenating and healing Jade and Tourmaline, and a Carnelian and Jade crystal bed that can be combined with Energy healing, Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualisation or Meditation to help you feel and be at your best. Relax and replenish and de-stress for a healthy mind and body.

Creative weekend Art Workshops in a peaceful, fun and supportive environment to transform the soul, heal the heart and uplift the spirit and allow your creative juices to flow and your creative genius to appear. A wonderful creative experience, this painting process allows you to paint from within the heart space.