Welcome to PRAXIS therapy / Mind Body Soul

Chloe Manier is a certified professional Regression Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Reconnective® Healing and Reconnection™ Practitioner.

Praxis Therapy provides a safe space for client’s to resolve their issues – to examine and release deep emotional problems or distressing experiences in a gentle, safe and efficient way that promotes personal liberation and empowerment.

Chloe works from several locations in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Qld, and Byron Bay NSW, Australia. (A mobile and distance healing is available).

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • The past life regression work I have done with Chloe has been invaluable. Resolving past life experiences has helped me move forward, I now feel more present and can take on life with more ease. Thanks heaps Chloe I am very grateful.
  • After suffering from lower back pain for an extended period, I was extremely happy to experience relief after having a 'Reconnective healing' treatment by Chloe. I have been pain-free now for over 18 months and can really recommend her services. I am 80 years old and my back IS good now!
    AJR (Sunshine Coast).
  • Doing Past Life regression with Chloe has been a powerful experience that has allowed me to release the burden of some reoccurring themes in my life and become more present and empowered in the NOW. With this comes a new level of Joy and peace in everyday life! Chloe is extremely skilled and professional and I am very grateful for the experience.
  • I had reconnection sessions with Chloe that were relaxing, and opened me up to receiving more of my inner wisdom. I felt on purpose and calm after my sessions. Chloe is very professional in her field and I would recommend anyone looking to become clearer, calmer and on purpose to book in for the reconnection sessions with Chloe.